A Very Charming Dork.

Jacob Derwin is a Brooklyn-based voice over talent and singer-songwriter. He is currently seeking out commercial voice over work and/or representation in order to make a full-time career out of his passion.

When he's not reading copy, Jacob is known to appear at Moth StorySLAMs. He's an avid concertgoer and a prolific tweeter (or, tweets too much).

Jacob has a small television addiction. Mainly, reality competition shows. He even made it to the cast of Survivor: Ghost Island, the series's 36th edition, after blogging about the show for a few years. It didn't go well. But there are some cool pictures!

reverse the curse or whatever.jpg

 And like any good college graduate, Jacob is happy to give you a copy of his journalism and multimedia production resume here.

And contact him below!

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