Song-a-Day 2/19/16

Rob Cantor is most well-known for his song, "Shia LaBeouf," in which you are led through a mysterious and deadly night in the woods with "actual cannibal, Shia LaBeouf." The song itself is hilarious and bizarre, but Rob one-upped himself when he created a live stage performance version featuring multiple choruses, dancers and an entire orchestra. The song was reimagined as a theatric experience, and the end result was Internet gold.

But we all know about that.

I want to feature a different, slightly less silly Rob Cantor song with another incredible music video. "All I Need Is You" is hauntingly pretty. It gives me chills nearly every time I listen to it and the insanely creative music video only adds to the thrill. Enjoy!

Song-a-Day 2/14/16 - Valentine's Day Bonus

Felt like I should recommend one more song for anyone who isn't quite feeling the love day vibe. Lianne La Havas' album, Blood, was actually nominated for a Grammy this year, which was a bit unexpected, but totally warranted. This album is goooood. She's an incredible songwriter, guitarist and singer and everyone should know about her, or at the very least, this awesome track off the album about the overused motifs of romance and how we just don't need them to express affection.  

She's gonna be big, people.

Song-a-Day 2/14/16

Showing a little love for a late-night performance that stuck with me for several years. Lissie just released a new album featuring a couple really good tracks, and I recommend you check out "Don't You Give Up On Me," but "Shameless" was the song that caught my attention back when Back To Forever was released in 2013, and it's the Lissie song I think the public should start out with.