"The Less I Know The Better" - Nataly Dawn & Sarah Clanton / Song-a-Day, 7/22/17

I declare thee, cover song Saturday

Nataly Dawn, best known for her work with with husband Jack Conte in the band Pomplamoose, is a remarkable artist in her own right. Her first solo album, How I Knew Her, is still a personal favorite and her more recent release, Haze, only continues to show off her talents as a songwriter and performer.

For this groovy little Tame Impala cover, she's joined by fabulous cellist Sarah Clanton, as well as a crazy talented full band. In particular, make sure you wear headphones to listen to the track so you can appreciate Sam Wilkes on bass. Woof. It's clear that the band wasn't trying to one-up the original, but instead work out the song in a new and fresh way that makes it equally enjoyable.