On Settling

There's this misconception held by far too many students who I've come across. One I believed to be true for far too long, in fact.

"Never settle."

This idea of, "if you don't get what you want, f**k 'em!" It's bold, brash and overtly confident. But the truth is, settling is necessary.

Think of it as a climb to retrieve a kite stuck in a tree. The kite is your goal and you can only reach it if you have the correct tools and materials. No, that step-stool from your bathroom isn't quite enough, like how one small internship won't get you that dream job. 

You need a ladder. You need friends and supporters to spot you and make sure you don't collapse on your way up (or down for that matter). And look, that ladder you found in the town junkyard might do the trick, but it also might disintegrate before you reach the second rung. You need stability and reliability. 

Settle! Settle with whatever you can find! Gather bits and pieces and jobs and experiences wherever you can. When you finally get an interview with that dream job, you'll have a resumé longer than the highway...

...and just possibly, the perfect ladder to reach your kite.