"Little Of Your Love" - HAIM / Song-a-Day, 7/23/17

HAIM is doing everything they can to save Top 40 radio.

Combining the sounds of Los Angeles pop with hints of classic Americana rock 'n' roll and R&B, the Haim sisters weave track after track of their new album, Something To Tell You, with strands of heartbreak, longing and passion. "Little Of Your Love" is a prime example of the band's talent for creating anthemic hooks and landing impeccable harmonies (somewhat reminiscent of 1950's Doo-wap) on top of a solid pop-rock track. 

Most of this summer's hits have been redundant in tone and approach; lots of four-chord synth jams with increasingly odd rhythm-makers leading the beat and some other singer sampled on the track. I don't know if "Little Of Your Love" or Something To Tell You's other single, "Want You Back" will be able to match the hype of Days Are Gone's "The Wire" or "Forever" but I hope they do. HAIM is a wickedly talented band.