Thank You

Thank you.

The Disco is Over Tour was never, initially, about performing or music. It wasn’t really about traveling either. At its conception, it was an excuse to set aside a month of free time to spend time with people who I don’t get to see too often. It evolved into something else. It became a multi-week example of the generosity of both those you love, and those you barely know.

And so, I’d like to thank, well, everyone. All the friends who have offered their time, their money, their space and their kindness.

Corinne: Boston is true mayhem to drive through. But spending time with you makes it worth it. Thank you for accepting me into your home for the night. Thank you for accepting me in general.

Laura, Lyrsa, Jessica: Thank you for a lovely evening in Boston. I enjoyed our conversations and speculations of the future of that which connects us. Here’s to being right… or wrong!

Tory: Portsmouth was more gorgeous than I could have imagined. Thank you for your hospitality, and for taking me to see the wonders of your new home and the surrounding vistas. May the wiggly bridge wiggle forever more.

Raeven, Cat, Andrea, Nick, Leah Thank you for coming out to the first show! I’m incredibly glad I got to spend my first day back on the college stomping grounds in your presence. The welcome wagon was well-equipped and sweet as ever.

Marissa, Matt: I love that dang Scribbles cafe. Thank you for coming out and for being so kind and complimentary. I’m so glad you’re both pursuing what makes you happy.

Isabel: I look at you and see the best of us. I see perseverance and self-discipline and kindness. Thank you for spending a little time with me. Long live rock.

Sam: It’s almost inevitable that I end up on your futon when I come to the Kent area nowadays, huh? Here’s to over half a decade of mutual understanding and appreciation. Your warmth is unlike any other’s. I can’t wait to see where your path leads to.

Sabrina: I don’t know why this works. Truly. I have no idea why the two of us click like we do. But we do. You’ve already conquered the hardest part. The rest is frosting, baby. You are great and you are good and I love you. Get out of Ohio.

Megan: I truly have no idea what I’d do without you, my friend. You’re my refuge in a storm. I hope you get to experience the happiness you give to me ten times over, every day for the rest of your life. Thank you for everything. And thank you again for everything.

Andrew: It was such a pleasure catching up! Every time we get to chat I realize just how well-equipped and prepared you are to take on the world. You’re such a charming guy and I look forward to watching your meteoric rise to success, whatever that means to you.

Pauline, Colin: A fantastic random happenstance! May the post-graduate anxieties wash away with haste. You’re great folks and I’m glad we got to sit and talk for awhile!

Tori: Thank you, again, for welcoming me into your home. Thank you, even more, for letting me be a part of your life. For introducing me to your friends. For making me feel special. Click. Clack.

Chelsey, Jarrod: Thank you for letting me come out with you! I had an absolute blast. You’re both built out of kindness and enthusiasm and I know your daughter shares that same heart. See ya at the Spam Museum.

Emily: What a lovely surprise to see you! I hope each new adventure is as exciting as the last!

Shelby: I feel so at home in your presence, my friend. Your heart is so big, I worry it might explode from your chest. Thank you and your kind soulmate Matt for providing me with such a memorable Pittsburgh experience. And call me if the apartment above yours opens up.

Lexi: I am overjoyed that I was able to come find you in Tiffin. I hope you know just how highly I value your loving camaraderie. Your wit is as razor sharp as ever and I adore you for it. Thank you for your time, friend.

Stephanie: Thank you for your friendship and hospitality and wonderful cooking. I love ya, buddy, and I look forward to watching you conquer many a mountain. May sweet Luna, one day, chill out.

Callie: God, I really hope it hasn’t been ten years. Nine? Eight would be better. Obviously we’ve both grown and changed quite a bit since Ofarim and yet, it felt like nothing changed at all. Thank you for coming out, and I hope our next reunion comes sooner. And thanks to Kate for coming as well! She was incredibly kind.

Justin: I said it in the parking lot and I’ll say it again: some of my happiest teenage moments were in your company, and many explicitly because of it. It was such a wonderful surprise to see you in Wheaton. And of course, thanks to Autumn for coming as well! She’s hysterical.

Laurel: I am so proud of you. Know that this extends far from the ephemeral walls of a game show. I am proud to be your friend. Lucky, too. I am so glad we found each other. And of course, huge thanks to Will for his endless well of kindness and hospitality. It was so wonderful getting to know him better. Give Brady a few extra hugs for me.

Kellyn: I believe it has technically taken us, due to forces both in and out of our control, over three years to finally have some one-on-one time. The wait, for me at least, was worth it. I believe Earth-555326’s versions of Jacob and Kellyn are cracking up on a beach somewhere in Borneo with bellies full of rice and coconut. Thank you for sharing so much time with me.

Halle: There’s no one I’d rather be altitude sick for, my friend. Thank you for inviting me into your community, and allowing me to make noise behind your workplace. All of your coworkers are charming and wonderful, as are you.

Grace: I am so glad I got to stop by your beautiful home! If you have an ounce of the confidence in yourself that I have in you, then you likely have the power to move mountains with your pen. And of course, give Cody my best. It was such a pleasure to see you both again!

Angela: I hope you know I’ve been showing my videos of Macy to everyone I’ve seen since leaving Cincinnati. I’m completely gobsmacked by your hospitality, y’know, since I only told you I was coming a few hours ahead of time. You are great and you are good and I look forward to seeing you again, friend.

Gabby: Finally, someone who shares my taste in the late-60s lifestyle. The age, I mean. Can’t wait for you to come up to Brooklyn so we can go to my local botanical garden and determine, with certainty, if the grass is greener on the other side. I adore and appreciate you, my friend. And send my regards to Rui as well, who is as delightful as she is bright. And she is quite bright.

Casey: Your home, in a way, became a sanctuary for me on this trek. A pitched tent at the finish line. Reassurance that, not so far away, is someone I can count on. You’re evolving, and yet you’re the same person I’ve always adored. Deep thanks to you and your family and your friends for welcoming me into your space. And let me know which Gourmet Makes is your favorite once you’ve inevitably watched them all within a span of two days.

Chelsea: I’m literally writing this moments after lunch, but it doesn’t take much introspection for me to recognize how lucky I was to meet you as a goofy teenager, and how lucky I am to get to meet you for lunch now as a goofy adult(?). Eat everything in the local Chinatown. Then come to NYC so we can eat everything in that Chinatown.

To every venue owner and manager and worker who welcomed me, allowed me to perform and provided me with food or caffeine or emotional support: thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope I brought something a little bit different to your workplaces. Maybe even something good.

To the fans who came out to listen and chat about music and that TV show: thank you. Your kindness, generosity and interest in what I’m doing helps energize me to go out and try my best. And if you had never heard of me but enjoyed the music or the stories and you’re reading this now; thank you too!

Over 6000 miles and nearly 140 hours in the car later, I’m simply in awe of the love and support I’ve experienced on the road.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to go into a coma for a day or two. See ya later.