S'il Vous Plait - Otoboke Beaver / Song-a-Day, 8/8/17

And now for something completely different!

The rockers from Otoboke Beaver describe themselves as a "Japanese girls 'knock out or pound cake' band," which I think pretty much says everything you need to know about their style. You don't need to understand the language to get completely enwrapped by the high-energy guitar riffs, the groovy bass lines and the classic punk girl shouts and yelps sprinkled throughout.

Every year, ahead of South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, NPR Music releases "The Austin 100." It's a free, downloadable 100-song playlist featuring music by 100 of the festival's performing artists. That's how I found out about Otoboke Beaver. And even though I'm sure I'll never totally understand Japanese music culture, I know I can check in on this awesome "Japanese girls knock out" group whenever I'm looking for something to rock out to.

(Also, I read somewhere that they're named after a "love hotel," which is hilarious.)