Ultimatum - The Long Winters / Song-a-Day, 8/7/17

My arms miss you. My hands miss you. John Roderick of The Long Winters remains one of my favorite songwriters to this day, and if you've never heard him before, it's time to start listening.

"Ultimatum" is devastating poetry. It's the kind of song that everyone probably has their own interpretation of, but with each inevitably involving some sort of longing and heartbreak. The solo John Roderick performance I've embedded above features my favorite performance of the song that I've come across.

I highly recommend watching the full set if you enjoy "Ultimatum" even a little bit. Roderick's strength as a lyricist and storyteller are so wonderfully on display when it's just him and a guitar in front of such a reverent crowd. Of course, if you find yourself becoming a fan, absolutely go check out The Long Winters's albums as a full band. Please enjoy!