They Gave Me a Lamp - Public Service Broadcasting / Song-a-Day, 7/30/17

Public Service Broadcasting continues to be one of the most innovative and compelling music acts around today. Their new album, "Every Valley" is a beautiful, almost shockingly relevant concept album about the collapse of the coal mining industry in South Wales.

PSB's signature style comes from mixing a variety of live instruments and synths with spoken word voice-over, provided by rhythmically inserted clips from old PSAs and news films. Even if you're not particularly interested in deconstructing the fascinating stories laid out in the "vocals" of these new songs, the brilliant arrangements should be enough to keep you listening.

Aesthetically, "They Gave Me a Lamp" reminds me a lot of the song that first got me into PSB, "Everest" off the band's Inform - Educate - Entertain album. But their growth as a band is also apparent, and I look forward to the next time I can see this truly original act live. The first time was undoubtedly one of the greatest live shows I've ever attended.