Stick - BANKS / Song-a-Day, 7/25/17

BANKS's Goddess is one of the sultriest albums I have ever listened to, and "Stick" is one of the jewels in its tantalizing crown.

All of BANKS's music has this dark, sometimes sad sensuality and longing to it. Goddess might be best equivocated to a musical, coming-of-age liberation and embracing of self and sexuality despite past scars. Songs like "Stick" though, get right to the point with a sparse, grooving rhythm and a soft, synth-y texture over her smoky voice. There's no second guessing what the song's theme and story is, but any amount of blushing is pushed to the side to appreciate the track's entrancing beats and melodies. 

Her second album, The Altar, feels more akin to the more blunt, in your face records by some of today's big pop stars like Halsey and The Weeknd (who she has toured with). I'm still not sure if I feel much connection to songs like "Fuck With Myself" or "Gemini Feed". I know I love tracks like "Stick," "Under The Table" and "Warm Water" off her first album though.