By March 1st

I've had a head cold these past couple days, which has restricted my ability to do certain things (e.g. sing, work on a new voice reel, focus). That said, I have several projects in motion, and I want to set a few deadlines for myself. By March 1st I will have one project completed and two others in motion. I'm going to outline what these are here as a way to hold myself accountable. 

1. By March 1st, my first professionally recorded and produced EP will be completed, copyrighted and sent to every label I think might listen to it.

The recording process has been over for a little while now and my producer, David Klein, is currently mixing the tracks and putting those final touches in. Once that's done, and I get the album artwork from the awesome artist who's working on it for me, I'll release the EP online and begin sending jump drives to various record labels. By no means do I expect these songs to be instant hits with music professionals, but I'm hoping someone will see something in them and give me a shot. Working as a professional songwriter and performer has been the dream for a very, very long time. It feels good to at least know that I've done everything I can for this first legitimate EP. I did a live recording of one of the songs from the forthcoming EP for NPR Music's Tiny Desk Contest, which you can listen to here.

2. By March 1st, the first episode of my new podcast will be released.

I don't want to give away too many details about this project yet. For now, I'll just say this podcast was originally going to be a series of written articles, but I decided it might have more appeal as a weekly audio program. The goal is to release the series independently in hopes of a media group finding interest in it in the future. We'll see if anyone wants to buy it!

3. By March 1st, I'll have updated my voice reel and done a handful of auditions.

I want to take the voice acting hobby seriously in the coming weeks. The moment my voice is back to full strength, I'm going to make the cleanest recordings I can for a new minute-long reel. I'm also searching for an affordable class to take in my area; maybe one that can provide connections to legitimate auditions and not just the sketchy ones on all the voice over websites. I'm going to figure out a way, hopefully without having to burn through money I don't have.

And to any employers or talent searchers out there who stumble upon this: hi! I promise I'm cool! Contact me on the contact page!