Meeting Driftless Pony Club

I've been an avid YouTube community member since middle school. I've ridden bandwagons, I've been at the start of trends and I've been a part of some really amazing fan communities. 

Without a doubt, one of the most unique YouTubers I've subscribed to is Wheezy Waiter. Also known as Craig Benzine, he has paved his own way in the online comedy scene. Combining professional level editing skill and a creative mind, Craig is able to consistently make funny, original videos each week. 

And then I learned about his band.

Driftless Pony Club is an "angular" indie rock band who met in college in Wisconsin, made up of Matt Weber (guitar, keyboards), Sam Grant (bass), Nate Bartley (drums) and Craig Benzine (vocals, guitar). And they're great. I was immediately a fan after hearing "Legends of Archery" for the first time while enjoying its strange and hilarious music video.

So when I learned they would be stopping in Cleveland on the Tour Because Awesome with Hank Green & The Perfect Strangers, Harry and the Potters and Rob Scallon, I quickly emailed their contact hoping to get an interview with the band. 

Matt emailed me back, and the rest is history. I got to chat with people I really admire and it was exhilarating. A video is coming soon.

And they're such nice boys!