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All music and lyrics composed by Jacob Derwin
"Dancing Through the Night" bonus track Produced by Jacob Derwin
Facebook: RealJacobDerwin
Twitter: @JacobDerwin
Instagram: JacobDerwin

Produced, Mixed and Additional Instrumentation by David Klein Music
Facebook: DavidKleinMusic
Twitter: @dkleinmusic1
Instagram: dkleinmusic

"Mystique" features vocals by Alyssa Molina
Instagram: itslystho

"You Should Be Nervous" features vocals by Julie Samuels
YouTube: julielizzie22

Album Art by Shelby Solomon
Instagram: @sjspress

Special thanks to: The Crean Family, Kiera Salvo, Kate Macauley, Erik Svensson, The Tenenbaum Family, Megan Ayscue, Brenda Riepenhoff, Andrea Whaley, Chelsea Pereira, Lauren Pankiw, Dan Nichols, Ellen Dreskin, Jerrilyn Goldberg, The Derwin Family, Mint Coursen, Mara Cash, Rabbi Lee Moore, Sonny Stein, Elline Conception and every open mic MC in the country.