Jacob Derwin has his hands full. Between auditions, writing and performing original songs, hosting and producing various podcasts and teaching music to preschoolers, it’s surprising he even has time to write this bio! And in third person! But y’know what? He’ll make time. Especially for you!

Jacob has had a wild and strange career thus far. While at Kent State University, Jacob became a prolific interviewer and podcaster, recording conversations with every musician he could get in touch with for his college radio station. He put his speaking talents to the test every week on his live radio show, Tall Fuzzy Music Friend.

While enrolled, he completed two internships: one at NY1 where he worked closely with Budd Mishkin on a weekly, long-form celebrity profile segment, and another at storytelling organization The Moth. He still attends and performs at The Moth’s StorySLAMs whenever able.

Only a few months out of school, Jacob found himself on the cast of Survivor: Ghost Island, the popular CBS reality series’s 36th season. It didn’t go very well! But Jacob was undoubtedly a memorable addition to the cast despite his short tenure on the season.

reverse the curse or whatever.jpg

Jacob currently produces and performs on the fiction podcast drama, Doveport, and co-hosts and produces the comedy podcast, I’M TRYING! alongside comedian Jhanelle Dennis. He regularly appears at various coffee shops, bars and clubs around New York City to perform as both a singer/songwriter and a storyteller.

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